Thursday, 30 April 2009

Today is Mrs A’s birthday, at least it would be if she were still with us, so I thought that I would do something in her honour, thus Justice for Bereaved Relatives of Patients killed by the NHS, because I am one and I am sure there are many more out there in the blogosphere, just think about the Mid Staffs and Gosport Memorial.

The Bloggers Unite site is here.

You don’t need to do much, just display the photo above and write a short blog about your experience of the NHS complaints system, the attitude of the trust management and senior medics.

Or just your impression of the treatment given by the NHS.

If you really want to do more you can send your “story” to me, or even better send it to Alan Johnson the Health Secretary here.

Mrs A was subjected to abysmal surgery by a “Senior” Consultant, who managed to cut her small bowel and did not ensure an adequate blood supply to the large bowel join, which failed, she was Septic on the ward for at least three days before anything was done and ended up in Intensive care on full life support for 23 days, then she was moved 90 miles to another hospital because they “needed the bed” and on her return contracted an MRSA Bacteraemia.

In May a path report was issued stating that she had recurrent cancer, before she left hospital in July this was ignored until the end of August, and tests were done, the diagnosis was not given until November, and this consisted of “your cancer is inoperable” no prognosis or other details were given, in other words I was left to tell her after a phone call from our GP that she was going to die.

The Hospital denied, the Senior Consultant denied, the GMC decided there was no case to answer, the Healthcare Commission denied (the trust had attained foundation status after receiving a “perfect” score from them the same year), at a meeting with the CEO and the Medical Director I was told that “they didn’t know what was wrong” with my wife, after all there was only a Senior Consultant and six other doctors “looking” after her.

My MP of course didn’t want to know, he is close to the Hospital.

It has taken me almost four years to “complete” the complaints procedure, the denials and cover ups have been universal, because nobody cares, the Trust management were protecting their status, the consultant was protecting his career, the GMC were protecting the Consultant and the Healthcare Commission were protecting their decision.

Alan Johnson tells us that the NHS should be open and clear, it is about time he stood up and took responsibility, the arrival of a couple of hundred emails detailing the appalling treatment received by patients may make him think, or at least it will give him something to do for a while.

In memory of “Mrs A” 1951-2005

Angus Dei


North Northwester said...

My sincerest condolences Angus. I know a little of what you're feeling, though it was twenty and thirty years ago when the NHS got to two of mine.

Your blog is publicized here

and here

angus said...

Many thanks Northwester, sorry it has taken so long to reply, Real life and all that, I have only just got round to checking the blog, once again thanks for your support and publicity, lets hope Alan johnson gets inundated with emails.