Sunday, 6 March 2011

Old farts in the driving seat


Being an old fart myself I think have the right to use the above headline.

There is some “interesting” research from the De Montfort University who predict that four out of 10 potential voters will be older than 55.

A "grey majority" is expected to turn out to vote in more than 300 constituencies, including 94 marginal seats in England, Scotland and Wales,

Age UK says that politicians need to show more commitment to older voters.


Snag is that a lot of “grey voters” such as myself do not have a clue who to vote for, there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the parties that are liable to get elected.

They all have the same policies but with slightly different ways of screwing us, I think the main ‘bugbear’ is the provision of care for old farts.

After working for 50 years and paying National Insurance the Government(s) wants us to stump up again so that we can have a decent drop of the Summer Wine.


This doesn’t seem right, they say that there will be more older people than there are young before long, and the problem with that is?

People of my generation have been brought up in the main to respect others, to work hard and look forward to a well earned retirement, but it seems that it is not to be that way; it seems that we are to be forced to retire later, and have the privilege of paying for it twice, if we become ill.


The pre-election “Governments” tell us that savings need to be made, mainly because of the mind numbingly stupid decisions by said pre-election “governments”, OK, let’s pull out of Afghanistan-billions saved, and out of the EU-hundreds of billions saved and let’s get rid of all the illegal immigrants-millions saved.


The Politicians need to listen, and to act on our needs, isn’t that what a Government is for?



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