Sunday, 6 March 2011

An undecided grey voter

That’s me, with two weeks and a bit to the election I am still undecided who to give my X to. 

I haven’t even had the pleasure of telling the canvassers to bugger off because there haven’t been any, the three main contenders are difficult to distinguish between, and they all seem to have the same policies with a few variations on a theme. 

Do I want cuts in public spending, or will I settle for tax increases, can I live with higher costs for food, fuel, gas, electric and water, do I need an NHS that is still overburdened with pen pushers? 

I used the Telegraph’s How should I vote calculator and it came out to UKIP, but I have doubts that they will be able to take enough seats to make a difference, I have considered an independent candidate but there aren’t any standing in my town, unless you call the Monster Raving Loony guy a “candidate”. 

So at the moment I am stuffed, I don’t have a clue what to do, who to vote for or if I should bother to vote at all because it seems that it may make no difference at all who gets in. 

Decisions, decisions. 


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